Paragliding is one of many activities in Medellín

Danny’s Guide to Medellín


  • Poblado: this is the classic part of town for visitors and rich locals. It has all of the best restaurants, lots of amenities, and plenty of accommodation and activities. I chose to stay in this area because it has Dancefree, the dance school that I wanted to learn salsa at
  • Laureles: this is where all of the best clubs, especially for salsa and bachata, are. This was a close second for me, but I ended up deciding that I’d be spending more time learning salsa than dancing it in clubs. I still ended up Ubering to Laureles ~3 nights per week. Fortunately Ubers are cheap, plentiful, safe, and easy
  • Envigado: this is the new happening neighborhood, especially popular with expats and digital nomads who are planning to stay in Medellín for longer than a couple of weeks. I don’t know a ton about it, but if I was staying in Colombia for something other than dancing, I’d investigate staying there



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