Holon Village: 2022

From Radical Self-Reliance to Communal Effort

Danny D. Leybzon
2 min readFeb 8, 2022

Last year, we birthed something beautiful. This year, it’s time to help our baby grow up. Holon Village, a Renegade Burning Man camp organized with the intent of getting more people to experience the magic of Burning Man, is going to be returning to the Playa twice this summer: once for 4th of Juplaya (4th of July weekend) and once for Burning Man (Labor Day weekend).

Last year, the organizers of Holon Village prioritized making sure that our influx of new Burners didn’t have a negative impact on the event. We emphasized radical self-reliance and leave no trace principles to ensure that our camp members were able to enjoy their experience without being a burden on other burners or harming the Playa. We were largely successful in our mission and the magical experiences that our campers had has motivated them to step up and contribute more.

This year, we want to give our campers an opportunity to go beyond “not having a negative impact” and to positively contribute. We trust that our members now understand the challenges of spending hot days and cold nights on the Playa and are equipped to handle those challenges. We want to enable them to be part of creating the magic of Burning Man for other people, to co-create the experience, to feel empowered to contribute. In short, we are shifting our focus from radical self-reliance to communal effort and gifting.

Last year, we brought almost 40 people to the Renegade Burn, an overwhelming majority of them first time burners. This year, we are returning with many of the same campers, and opening our arms to new members: fresh-faced newbies and grizzled veteran Burners alike. We have ideas, visions, and plans for various performance art, stationary art, and curated experiences that our members will be able to contribute to the Playa. We can’t wait to make them real.

If you are interested in attending 4th of Juplaya or Burning Man in 2022 as part of Holon Village, or if you’re curious about what gifts we have in mind for the Playa this year, please leave a comment here or send me a message on my Facebook.