Py + SQL + R == ☺

Why the UCLA stats department needs to introduce a Python and SQL course to supplement our R classes

Update: We did it! I met with the Chair of the Statistics Department (Professor Mark Handcock) and he told me that (barring any unexpected hurdles) starting in Spring of 2018 the eminently qualified Miles Chen will likely be teaching a new course “Data Technologies” (STATS 131). This course will cover relevant new technologies, including Python, SQL, and distributed computing. Professor Handcock specifically told me that it was in large part thanks to a push from the undergraduate student body that this new class is being set up so good work team! A special thanks needs to also be extended to Professor Vivian Lew, who has been pushing for this forward-thinking course to be introduced for quite some time and was pivotal in making it a reality. Thanks also to Ryan Rosario who was as active of an advocate for this class as me and who was a great resource along the way.
From Robert A. Muenchen’s seminal “The Popularity of Data Analysis Software

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