The Main House

Ski Cult

An ephemeral intentional community outside of Taos, NM

The Facebook status that started it all

The Lesson: from consumption to participation

[Insert Inspiring Quote Here]
I didn’t know what photos to put in this section, so here’s another mountain

The Space: Vista Verde Retreat

We were so relieved to see this sign when we first arrived
The layout of Vista Verde Retreat
One of many hot tub selfies
Monkeying around

The People: a ragtag group of friends, acquaintances, and strangers

A subset of our family, characteristically wearing our onesies

The Food: communal dinners were the norm, not the exception

One of our first communal dinners: steak night
The labor of figuring out who should cook next, made less laborious by wearing onesies

The Activities: we kept ourselves busy

The first of many board game nights
Dominic and Molly’s Wedding
Allegra’s Funeral

The COVID Rules: trying to find the balance of responsible and recreational

The only way to stay safe in these harrowing times

In Conclusion

  1. Ski Cult would be a success if nobody caught COVID
  2. Ski Cult’s success could further be evaluated based how much people enjoyed it
  1. The number of people who decided, after arriving at Ski Cult, to extend their time there
  2. The fact that more than half of us are already planning a reunion trip, mere months after Ski Cult’s end



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