The Best Time to Post on Reddit

Heatmap of optimal posting time generated for /r/dataisbeautiful
  1. whether to separate by subreddit or not
  2. what metric to use to quantify a “best time to post” and
  3. which type of plot to use to visualize my results.

To Separate or Not to Separate

A comparison of optimal posting times for Reddit as a whole versus three different major subreddits. Although some subreddits have similar distributions to Reddit as a whole, many do not

What is the “Best Time to Post”?

Randall Munroe —
A side-by-side comparison of the /r/xkcd heat map for optimal posting time. On the left is the normalized data, on the right is the data which hasn’t been normalized. As we can see, the discrepancy is not insignificant

Bar Chart, Histogram, Line Graph, Oh My

“Best Time to Post” for /r/news —

What’s the best time to post this article?

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Data Specialist, Reading Enthusiast, Amateur Adventurer

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Danny D. Leybzon

Danny D. Leybzon

Data Specialist, Reading Enthusiast, Amateur Adventurer

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